Google Map Maker Up Again In 45 More Countries Including The U.S.

Users can do a search to determine countries that are back online.

Google Maps

Earlier this month, We saw the re-launched Google Map Maker after a several-month hiatus to address issues that had resulted in racist map references and several other problems.

Google Map Maker came back first in Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, India, the Philippines and Ukraine with a new moderation structure that substantially relies on regional lead moderators. Today, Google is saying that Map Maker is again live in 45 new countries. It doesn’t list the countries specifically, but the US is among them. You can search to determine if your country of interest is back online.

Google Maps Is Back

This is the second wave of re-openings. Roughly 51 countries are now back online. It’s not clear yet how long it will take to get Google Map Maker back up for all regions and countries. Presumably, having regional moderators in place is the gating factor.

Google is inviting people to apply to become regional lead moderators using this form.

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