The Ping Pong ball story

This is an example of persuasive copy writing:

Table Tennis Still Life with Selective Focus

Table Tennis Still Life with Selective Focus

Bright, White, Pristine Perfection

The first thing you'll notice, sweeping infinitesimally up, away, over, down, behind and beneath you, are the gleaming white walls. In fact, with their perfect spherical appeal, they're hardly walls at all.

No more harsh, startling corners.

No more bickering about "up" and "down". Even concepts like left and right will no longer shackle you in their old-fashioned fixedness.

You're free.

The endless white creates the perfect impression of space. Spartan space, with all it's calming tranquility, can finally be yours.

Storage Problems Solved - Ditch the Clutter

When you get just a little closer, take a deep, long look at the space you're inhabiting. Tiny notches, little crevices, and pleasingly variegated indentations lend an air of character and utility   to the room. What could be an otherwise sterile expanse now proves to abound with tiny, useful storage compartments.

Upwardly Mobile? Get to where you're going in style!

But the real genius behind the design of your ultra-futuristic home is how very mobile it is. Wherever you want to be, there you are. Barely the slightest nudge in the direction you're headed, and the most exciting ride of your life ensures you get there quickly, safely, and - above all - with all your stuff! Note: we recommend fixing furniture in place with our industrial grade tree sap. The use of our beetle-chitin helmets will significantly enhance the pleasure of using your home transportation device.

That's right: you need never worry about leaving behind an important work-related article, or forgetting a last minute touch up before a night out. Since you're always home when you travel in our luxury accommodation, these annoying frustrations will quickly become a thing of the past.

Protection Against the Elements

There's nothing worse than being trapped outside when a storm hits. The wind reaches gale speeds and threatens to send you far from your family, your friends - everything you love. Rain washes away your hard work, destroying plants in the process - not to mention posing the very real risk of death by drowning. Terrifying lightning strikes make most surfaces above ground hazardous wastelands.

You simply can't predict where you'll end up when it's all over. And often - as well know - you need to start your life all over again, from scratch, in the strange new place that you're now forced to call home.

It's lonely, traumatic and, frankly, terrifying.

Imagine if you could survive the elements in style: warm, dry, and surrounded by those you love. Just picture riding out the blizzard in comfort, secure from the threat of drowning or lightning strike.

Wherever your home finally rests may seem hostile - alien, even - at first. But you'll be with your loved ones. You'll have your familiar, cosy home. Everything you've ever needed, and worked so hard to collect, will be right where you left it.

Starting over is never as scary when you have somewhere familiar to go home to each night. Somewhere that lets you and your family feel safe.

Set the Trend - Get your very own space pod today

As you can imagine, these coveted home transport units are in high demand - and very short supply. In a world filled with as many ants as ours has now, any accommodation solution will quickly be snapped up by the forward-thinking formicid.

And when that home has the ultra-appealing shape of our light-weight, heavy-duty pods (or Ping Pong Balls(r), as we've fondly named them, after the charming sound they make as they move from one area to the next) - well, let's just say, the waiting list is long.

Very long.

Longer than a trek of barley seeds to the Queen's hive at the height of harvest season. Which is pretty darn long, let me tell ya.

So if you're the cool ant we think you are (and, let's face it, you're READING. That's pretty darn cool!), then don't waste another second of your life. Get your antenna onto a waiting list and get ready to live the stylish life of your dreams.

Spartan cleanliness. Stylish comfort. All the modern convenience fixed-location furniture* can provide - and space for those you love. What more could you want? Just add a drop of juniper juice and your Ping Pong is ready to be called HOME.

Contact us by making a beeline - We're just teasing. Bees fly. we know that. You can walk along the ant path. But hurry - all the other cants are doing it, too! - for the sand hill just behind the Hoomin Club House. We'll get your Ping Pong Ball accommodation ready for you in no time at all.

Be Awesome.

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