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Although apps are a great idea, Google is still the dominent traffic driver to websites. Apps are still far less visible in Google searches than web sites are unless people using app specific search terms from their phones.

Specific keywords are still the best way to go when marketing your business/website. We have Everything SEO, here you can learn all you need to about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and how to optimise your website with organic keywords.

SEO News

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  • How To Manage Your Old & Outdated Content

    Fresh content is important when it comes to SEO, but there is value in updating old content, as well. Last month, Google announced that it’s rolling out Panda 4.2 over the next couple of months. It’s the first refresh in almost 10 months of the now-infamous algorithm update that’s partially responsible…

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  • Is SEO Dead?

    Yes, But Only to Some People... This infographic highlights how some have asked "is SEO dead" for over a decade now & yet even after the social media ponzi scam imploded, SEO is still alive and kicking. Please note this piece does not say all people working in all these fields…

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  • 7 Key Questions To Unlock Growth Opportunities In Your SEO Audits

    When auditing a website's search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, it's easy to find issues that need to be addressed but we can use this data to discover new opportunities, as well. SEO audits are generally conducted to evaluate the status of, and identify any issues with, a website’s technical setup, content,…

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  • Free SEO Tips from Ipcoweb

    Search Engine Optimisation is not an exact science. It is a fluid combination of trial and error and SEO companies across the globe are at the mercy of the Search Engine Algorithms (the science behind rankings). There is no how-to-seo guide out there that is anything more than a particular…

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  • What is SEO?

    What is SEO and how can an SEO company optimize MY business? I have always been one to consider myself quite tech savvy, but what is SEO? I by no means mean that I’m going to be the next Steve Jobs, but I understand more than the basics when it…

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  • How To SEO your webiste

    With technology ever- evolving, many small business owners are asking the questions: “How to SEO” and “What is SEO?” Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the volume of traffic to your website as a search result from any person using the Google search engine. People (potential customers) that…

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  • Optimise your business with our free SEO tips

    SEO might seem like a bit too much of a technical sphere, but we are here to help. Ipcoweb has designed a few free SEO tips to help explain the concept of SEO and Google online marketing. We can all become tech savvy by keeping the following in mind: So…

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  • Creating an SEO friendly website

    Ipcoweb offers free SEO workshops where you can learn the importance of organic SEO and help you to get on the front page of Google by making your website SEO friendly. Step 1: how to create a website: Do Your Research First you need to answer the following questions: Do…

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  • What A Search Engine Wants

    In order to optimize your website you need to ask the question, “what does a search engine want?”  Search engines use algorithms, and sometimes human intervention, to determine the pages displayed in their search results. Intentionally getting those pages to rank is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Now you ask…

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  • How To Rank On Google

    Many people are asking how to rank on Google. Many people think SEO only applies to certain people in South Africa. They would be wrong, everyone is this whole wide world, should be seo’ing their site, because believe it or not, gone are the days of where only a website…

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