Creating an SEO friendly website

Ipcoweb offers free SEO workshops where you can learn the importance of organic SEO and help you to get on the front page of Google by making your website SEO friendly.

Step 1: how to create a website: Do Your Research

First you need to answer the following questions:

  • Do you know what you are selling? (Do you know your product)
  • Do your clients know what you are selling? (do you know how your clients are asking for your product)
  • Do you think you are famous? ( Clients are not looking for you by name but by Product and service)

The questions you have just answered should get you thinking about that website you want to create and how to create an affective online marketing strategy around your website and how to create exposure using Ad Words

As with all things, planning is essential, have you used the Google keyword tool or Google insights to find out how people are looking for your product or service? Your whole website needs to be built around getting found on a search engine, the best way to do this is to make sure your website id SEO friendly.

Having a pretty website that no one can find defeats the object of being online which in turn inhibits your online marketing strategy. As in all things, if I don’t know you exist then how can I do business with you? According to Google 2/3 of all companies in SA are not online and 60% of those companies are invisible online, You want to make sure you are NOT invisible online.

So , step 1 on how to create a website and get found online has nothing to do with actual look and feel but everything to do with the keywords and focal points of what you are going to sell online.

Step 2: how to create a website: keywords

Now that you have identified the best keywords for your website (don’t know how to do this, feel free to attend our Free Google workshop) you need to meet a few basic requirements, Your website must have 6 pages minimum with separate titles and keywords for each page Your contact details need to be prominent. If I can’t call you I won’t talk to you (research has shown that of the 89% of people who do their home work online 63% will still come into your shop or pick up the phone to talk to a individual to do the transaction. So make sure your contact details are not hidden away.) The Final Step on How to Design a Website: Finding a CMS

Step 3: how to design a website: find a CMS (content management system)

When looking for a CMS or content management tool you need to check that it offers at least the following if you are not a Programmer:

  • A place to insert your Google Analytics tracking Code
  • A place to insert your webmaster code
  • A place to insert your ad words optimisation code
  • A place to edit your key words
  • A place to edit your meta description
  • A place to edit your title
  • A simple way to add pages and edit your content.

Now you are equipped to build and design your website keeping all the above in mind.

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