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What is PHP? PHP is a server-side scripting...

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What is CSS? CSS stands for Cascading Style...

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process...

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Bad jokes are the centre of our...

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What is "Chips Taxed"? In our office,...

Why Choose IPCOWEB As Your Digital Marketing Partner?

The answer, in our minds at least, is very simple. Choose us because we care about your business as if it were our own. Your success is our success!

Choose IpcowebThe second reason is that we have the knowledge, skills and manpower to deliver all of your online requirements from Web, Search Engine Optimization, Systems Integration, Social Media Optimization and more.

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  • The Ping Pong ball story

    This is an example of persuasive copy writing: Bright, White, Pristine Perfection The first thing you'll notice, sweeping infinitesimally up, away, over, down, behind and beneath you, are the gleaming white walls. In fact, with their perfect spherical appeal, they're hardly walls at all. No more harsh, startling corners. No more bickering about "up" and "down". Even concepts like left more »

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Our Experience and Background

Product Fulfilment Partner of MTN    |    Application Development including MTN DS    |    Technology Partner of MTN and Aramex    |    Online Fulfilment Partner of 150+ clients including Moyo Restaurants, Crazy Plastics Group, Meat World Group and more    |    Extraordinary Brand Growth on Social Platforms for clients and ourselves    |     Introduction of Mobi Paid facility with Payment Gateways for Shopping Cart systems    |    Brand New CMS for DIY website clients and as part of product fulfilment for numerous clients    |    Custom website development (HTML) along with CMS website development including making use of our own CMS as well as Wordpress    |    Google...


Google Pay Per Click, Google Certification

Besides the fact that we employ highly qualified and experienced staff members, we pride ourselves on our on-going training and certification courses that we undertake.

At present, our brain trust includes Google PPC Accreditation, SEO Certifications as well as a host of industry-related short-courses. We have staff members with degrees and diplomas too in case you were wondering.

Certified Professional

Did YOU know?

Games & Facebook make up 50% of the 86% of Apps that dominate time spent

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