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How Do I Build a Website?

How do I build a website? How do I build a website that appeals to both my potential clients AND the many different search engines out there? The simple answer is by learning how to rank on Google with SEO (search engine optimization)! Here at Ipcoweb, we have recently decided to hold a few Google training workshops that focus on the basics of how to build a website and how to SEO that website so that it has the potential to reach the top! Stay tuned for the dates and times of these special workshops that we are certain you will value...




What is SEO


What is SEO?I have always been one to consider myself quite tech savvy. I by no means mean that I’m going to be the next Steve Jobs, but I understand more than the basics when it comes to the internet. Like every other modern-day internet user, Google has come to the rescue on more than one occasion. Whether it’s helping in deciding what to cook for dinner that evening or helping you find the nearest garage to fix that now burst tire, Google seems to have become a lifeline that we’ve all become accustomed too.




How to SEO

How to SEOWith technology ever- evolving, many small business owners are asking the questions: “How to SEO” and “What is SEO?” Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the volume of traffic to your website as a search result from any person using the Google search engine. People (potential customers) that “google” for a product or service that, you too are offering, will most probably look on Page 1, and positions 1 to 5 on that page.




Free SEO TipsFREE SEO Tips

SEO might seem like a bit too much of a technical sphere, but we are here to help. Ipcoweb has designed a few free SEO tips to help explain the concept of SEO and Google online marketing. We can all become tech savvy by keeping the following in mind:




Google Marketing

Google MarketingWell, we’ve all become Facebook, Blackberry, iPhone, Twitter and Android addicts yet still we resist the urge to use Google Marketing. If you are a business owner, you utilize marketing tools. Why aren’t you using internet marketing? Online marketing is the effective and cheap marketing tool. Search Engine Land recently reported that (not surprisingly) Google is still ranked the number one traffic source for 23 of the top 30 websites.




Internet Marketing Strategys

Internet Marketing StrategyEvery day, all around the world, millions of people use search engines to find content on the Internet. Tom Fishman, manager of social media and community at MTV says that in order to optimize online marketing, you need to be a good provider of content. He quotes,” Since MTV is a cultural tastemaker that content ranges from music and fashion to social issues and politics — the feed provides a lot of relevant information for myriad demographic groups.




What Is Internet Marketing

What is Internet MarketingTake a minute to think about how reliant we are on all of our senses. All five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing are all used in the simplest of tasks. Yet, we cannot deny that we seem to take the ability to use our senses for granted. I came across a very interesting concept, called “dialogue in the dark.” Dialogue in the dark” is an exhibition that takes away your sense of sight per se.




Online Marketing

Online MarketingHow to market your products and services through online marketing? Since online marketing is different from other conventional media, most business owners only have a vague idea about tapping the true potential of online marketing. Here are a few tips to help you go about doing so:




How to build a SEO friendly Site


How to Build a SEO Friendly WebsiteHow to create a website in 3 easy steps. With Ipcoweb’s free website builder, you can learn how to create a website and get to the front page of Google by making your website SEO and SEM friendly. Step 1: on how to create a website: Research First you need to answer the following questions:




What a search engine wants

What Search Engines wantIn order to optimize your website you need to ask the question, “what do search engines want?”  Search engines use algorithms, and sometimes human intervention, to determine the pages displayed in their search results. Intentionally getting those pages to rank is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Now you ask well, what is SEO?




Free internet marketing Tips

Free Internet Marketing TipsAfter Google's recent Penguin update, much has been written about negative SEO. Does it really exist and can it be used to hurt your website? What can you do to avoid problems? One of the greatest free internet marketing tips that I can provide is to stay away from any negative SEO/ black hat techniques.




What is a CMS and how to choose one.

What is a CMS and how to choose oneA Content Management System or CMS is a computer system or access panel that allows for the publishing, editing and modifying of website content as well as full site maintenance from a central page. Essentially what it does is that it provides a collection of procedures used to manage workflow processes in a collaborative environment.



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