Project Planning

160_F_77921764_MzCFJK2mqdSYaW8MY3rjaaNMmETgQ3PcOnce the initial consultation is concluded and a strategic road map has been agreed upon, our team of brainiacs will come up with a plan of action to ensure that we reach all of your objectives. The most crucial element in this process is the project planning.

A dedicated account manager will plan all phases of the project in collaboration with you and your team. Once a plan of action is agreed upon, your account manager will get things going on our side and give you regular feedback as each phase or milestone is reached.

We have a centralised support team so if you have any queries or questions along the way you can reach us with one quick e-mail. All support tasks are logged and in an effort to uphold our customer service reputation, we aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.